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Previous Presentations:

  • Oregon Suicide Prevention Conference 2021 - session presenter

  • The Compassionate Friends 2020 National Conference - session presenter 

  • Washington Activity Coordinators Association 2019 State Conference - session presenter

  • Washington State Day of Remembrance Conference for Gold Star Families - Luncheon Keynote 2018 and 2020

  • Benton Franklin Youth Suicide Prevention Summit

  • Tri-Cities Mental Health Summit for the Faith Community

  • Columbia Basin Badger Club

  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Wellness Program

  • Morrow County Community Resource Roundtable

  • ESD 123 Middle School Athletic Directors

  • Yakima Valley College Grandview Campus – in classrooms and for student groups

  • Kadlec Neurological Center

  • Prosser High School staff and students

  • Prosser Rotary Club

  • Grandview Chamber of Commerce

  • Private homes

  • Churches

  • Young mom groups

  • Educational and community sororities

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A Mother’s Guide to Suicide Prevention – This approximately 45-minute presentation covers the signs of depression and suicide ideation Kimberly did not recognize in her son, Tom, a discussion and guided activity around depression, and the questions to ask if you are concerned someone you know might be experiencing suicide ideation. The presentation has been reviewed by mental health and prevention professionals to ensure it follows best practices. This presentation is followed by a 15-minute audience question and answer session. 


Language Matters: Using Constructive Language Around Mental Illness and Suicide - Words have power. By shifting the way we talk about mental illnesses and suicide, we encourage normalized and candid conversations about them so those experiencing them can confidently talk about their diagnoses and ask for help without fear of judgment. This 45-minute presentation briefly introduces the definition, causes, and treatments for mental health conditions and shares some guidelines for the best ways to speak about mental illnesses and suicide, speak with survivors of suicide loss, what to do they catch themselves speaking in stigmatizing ways, and how they can approach others who use stigmatizing language. This presentation is followed by a 15-minute audience question and answer session. 


Finding Hope and Purpose After Suicide Loss – This 30-minute keynote address introduces the audience to Tom, and then transitions into a discussion of his descent into depression and his suicide. It then moves to a discussion of Kimberly’s journey to writing about Tom’s death and becoming an advocate for suicide prevention. The presentation wraps up with some thoughts and observations around improving access to mental health services and reducing the stigma around mental illness and suicide deaths.


Social Media and Grieving – This 10-minute presentation describes how social media impacted Kimberly’s grieving process and how it led to her decision to both publish a book about her grief journey and become an advocate for suicide prevention.


Leaning Into Grief – This 30-minute address provides a framework for navigating grief while also acknowledging how everyone’s grief journey differs.


Customized Presentations - Kimberly is also able to draft and present presentations around the topics of suicide and grief which fit your organization’s or event’s mission.



“This was the best presentation/use of a Professional Development Day in my four years of professional development.”

Sunnyside High School Teacher

"Kimberly’s presentations are compelling. She is a dynamic and riveting speaker who presents difficult material with sensitivity and candor. She shares both her personal experiences and her family’s journey with vulnerability and bravery. Presentation attendees express gratitude to Kimberly for making living with mental health challenges and suicide “real” by sharing her story. She connects with those receiving her message and regularly welcomes individual questions from attendees at the conclusion of the program with grace and compassion."

Karen Hayes, MA
Community Health Programs Manager, Kadlec 

"Kimberly’s presentations provide tremendous meaning to the statistics that are often included in suicide awareness presentations. Her biography-based approach helps participants personalize the data through the lens of her relationship with her son, Tom, and stories about his life. I have seen Kimberly’s presentation twice and continue to recommend her work to others wanting to learn more about death by suicide."

Patrick Zuniga

Founder and Lead Consultant, My Mind My Power

"I had the wonderful opportunity to host Kimberly Starr's suicide prevention presentation on three separate occasions- twice in my classroom at Prosser High School and one in my home for about 15 invited adult guests.  Kimberly's story and presentation is impactful for all ages. Her style of presenting is professional, sincere, and relational. I have seen first hand the effects of her training as students are more equipped to identify warning signs, reach out to trusted adults, and participate in the discussion of such a difficult topic. The community of Prosser is a different community in terms of suicide prevention and awareness from five years ago, largely due to Kimberly's advocacy work through her presentations."

Angela Skeen

Prosser High School Teacher

"Kimberly Starr has been committed to kids' mental health for at least 15 years. Much of that work has involved her building a safe community for students, encouraging their interests, and modeling gentle honesty. Now, she is widening the circle of compassion by helping all of us to speak courageously and carefully about our pain and to shelter each other."

Mikki Symonds, M.A.

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“As a parent, I was invited to accompany my daughter to hear Kimberly speak - we have both used what we learned to correct each other on our language and work on spreading a more positive message. As an Assistant Principal, I knew this message would be powerful for our staff.  Sunnyside High School has 120 certified teachers and Administrators who were able to hear the presentation "Language Matters: Constructive Conversations Around Mental Illness and Suicide." Our District has been focused on Social Emotional Awareness and helping our students bounce back from struggles during Covid - the timing of Kimberly's message was perfect.  She was articulate, caring, and able to speak eloquently about a difficult subject. We hope to bring her back to share this message with our students so we can spread the good!

Holly Ohler
Sunnyside High School Assistant Principal

"The presentation is well planned and organized. Mrs. Starr was prepared to answer any questions my peers and I asked and assured us that though the topic of suicide is uncomfortable, talking about it is necessary to breaking the stigma. She made sure the students of PHS knew what our resources are and played a pivotal role in providing awareness for our school and community."

Robyn Denny

Prosser High School Senior

"Kimberly is passionate and knowledgeable about mental wellness and reducing the stigma regarding mental illness. Her presentation joins her personal experience with loss through suicide with best practices for discussion, training, and support for mental health and suicide prevention. Kimberly is an advocate for change with an engaging presentation style that will positively impact the discussion and direction of mental health and suicide prevention."

Haley Greene

Director, Prosser Thrive Coalition

Student Reactions

Feedback from high school students who attended StarrBright Suicide Prevention Presentations when asked what they learned:

"People who are planning suicide often tell someone out loud about their plan."


"The signs of depression and to make sure to pay attention to people to see if they are okay."


"Some people think about suicide for years."


"I can help prevent suicide."

"If we ask someone if they are okay, it will help them trust us and see that someone cares."

"People who are thinking about suicide often are really good at hiding their feelings."

"How to address someone that I have a concern about."

"Tom had similarities to me and also differences; yet I am still alive while he is no longer with us."

"You can’t be afraid to ask someone if they are thinking about suicide."

"Suicide is caused by mental illness."

"You shouldn’t be afraid about getting judged on your mental health."

"Someone does not need to appear sad to be thinking about suicide."


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If you are experiencing thoughts of suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255 or contact the Crisis Text Line at 741741.

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